How To Be Safe When Using The Concrete Mixer?

Daswell Machinery give you 11 steps to be safety in the using of Concrete Mixer:

1.The concrete mixer should be installed in the solid formation of the ground, to prevent subsidence occurred dumping.

2. In use before the operations, it should be clean, fasten, lubrication, adjustment, anti-corrosion procedures to check the system, and make it meet the requirements; must promptly eliminate hidden dangers of accidents.

3. The power-driven mixers, power distribution equipment should be fitted with suitable fuses and grounding devices, ensure the safety of electrical systems.

4. When the concrete mixer is running, do not let sand falling into the moving parts of machinery, to prevent the parts from being stuck and damaged.

5. After the lifting of the hopper, no one is allowed to pass or stay under the hopper, if it must be overhaul under the hopper, please stop the machine and shut off the power firstly, and then hang up the feed hopper with the insurance chain, afterwards people can stand under the hopper. The hopper should be lowered, so as to avoid falling too fast, mechanical damage or failure.

6. Before the material discharge can not be stopped the machine for no reason, more can not start after feeding, the amount can not exceed the specified capacity.

7. Do not feeding before the feed hopper stopped.

8. The concrete mixer body must be installed smoothly and firmly. Before work should check whether the clutch and the brake is flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope is broken, the protection device is complete and reliable, and  test  to run; If the mixing tube smooth rotation, not beating, wandering, hopper and a discharging door rotation flexible, hopper cam mechanism of normal , can work. Overload use is prohibited; using hands or other objects into the mixing barrel to fiddle 、clean and repair the machine is prohibited when the mechanical operation.

9. When the full load operation of the mixer in a sudden power outage or breakdown, it should clear the mixing drum by people, and then to check or repair. The mixer is not allowed to start at full load, and the motor is damaged when the electric current is too large.

10. If the operator must enter the mixing drum for cleaning or maintenance, the power should be strictly controlled to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

11. After the end of the mixing work, please promptly clean the mixer, to prevent the concrete block. When cleaning, to prevent electrical equipment damp. Cleaning must be carried out after the power cut to prevent electric shock.