Haze Is Serious, Concrete Mixing Plant And Environmental Protection Issues Facing A Severe Test

Recently, sitting right across the missing face of the smog in Beijing will give you a deep impression. Environmental protection as China's major issue to deal with. Since China's reform and opening since the conflict growing GDP and environmental issues more and more obvious. Development of industrial modernization and expansion, the expansion of urbanization, while gradually decreasing arable land, forests, marine Lake environmental purification is also getting smaller and smaller.

Ten years ago, the urban construction in full swing, concrete mixing stations are used more and more. Early work of concrete mixing station is outdoors, related demands on environmental protection requirements have not. But now, with the increasing deterioration of the environment, concrete mixing station for outdoor work also presents new environmental requirements. At present, the ancient city of mechanical breaking of concrete mixing station, innovation. House workshop production of concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing plant industry will become a new trend.

Concrete mixing station house, the shop floor environment has very high requirements. First of all, when designing a cement silo Foundation, it is necessary to consider the height of cement silo, workshop building height is much higher than the average manufacturer. Due to the mixing plant equipment is the whole line, lwh has appropriate requirements for workshop, this requires that the client be sure to stir it well before the construction plant and equipment details of the dimensions to prevent later unable to House.