Gu Yang Concrete Mixer By Virtue Of Technology Market

Gu Yang large JS compulsory concrete mixer has strong technical advantage, our company has been committed to creating top quality JS forced mixer, rely on scientific and technological innovation of our equipment always advanced, by the quality of the tree reputation, rely on the credibility pioneer markets, and market benefit, efficiency and development. In the increasingly fierce competition in the market, quality is the key to win city forced mixer.

1, the city forced mixer equipped with multiple shaft end seal protection device and wind pressure protection device effectively prevent the leakage of mixture;

2, the monitoring system can monitor the unique mixer gearbox, discharge pumps, electric oil pump working condition;

3, JS forced mixer is equipped with a dedicated electric oil pump, exclusive use of four separate pump oil directly to each of the four heads, do not need to use purge valve;

4, pipe, multi-way sprinkle water system, water spraying;

5, heavy-duty design, stable operation;

Mixer 6, optional weighing system and microwave moisture measurement system;