Future Development Of Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant Is Expected To Break Through The Bottleneck

Now, with a large asphalt-concrete mixing plant has become one of market access conditions. Asphalt mixing plant in China started late in foreign countries, but rapid development, equipment design, manufacturing technology to realize leap-forward development, design to achieve a breakthrough. Today, asphalt concrete mix products manufacturing is moving towards intelligent, humane, environmental protection, energy conservation, mechanical and electrical integration direction. Especially the Xinhai road home equipment, absorbing advanced manufacturing technology at the same time, to a compact, compact in structure design, particularly the control of more intelligent direction, avoiding manual operations impact on the device accuracy and stability of products.

Environmental protection and energy saving type asphalt mixing asphalt concrete mixing equipment product development has become China's important work products manufacturing enterprises, in particular through effective technology to reduce dust and noise pollution to the environment and responding to national energy policy calls for. Meanwhile, domestic manufacturing of asphalt concrete mixing products will begin to manufacture continuous regeneration equipment trends. Continuous regeneration equipment has the advantage of low cost, low energy consumption (installed electric power consumption of less than 200kW, the less per ton of finished material 20%~30%), large capacity, small size. In the United States market share at more than 60% of continuous mixing equipment. Asphalt pavement maintenance work in China in recent years, more and more, over millions of tons a year of waste asphalt mixture, which contains more than 100,000 tons of asphalt, wastes the origin of valuable and serious pollution of the environment, and the continuous regeneration of asphalt mixture mixing equipment can meet the demanding requirements of.