Daswell Planetary Concrete Mixers To South America

On December 13th, 2017, two sets of MP330 planetary concrete mixers, two sets of MP500 concrete mixers, two sets of JS1000 mixer’s reducers and some concrete mixing plant’s spare parts, like WAM butterfly valve, vibration motor, filter core of dust collector, AirTAC cylinder, etc were loaded into a 40-foot high cabinets, then be sent to the port. 

This batch of products is the customer's additional order, because considering that the will be more orders at the end of the year,  this customer have to prepare the goods ready first. We have a long-term cooperative relationship with this customer, and the customers are very assured of the quality of Daswell products.

2017年12月13日 2台MP330搅拌机,2台MP500搅拌机,2台减速机,WAM配件和亚德客配件等,发往哥伦比亚 .jpg