Concrete Mixers Improve Quality Blades To Increase Capacity

In order to make concrete in a limited space, mixing as fully as possible and improve the hardness of the concrete, can be selected from the leaves, according to different leaf has a different mix of features. Can choose different concrete according to the blades of mixing work and, secondly, on the organic combination of different leaves, blades feature into full play.

Concrete mixer, if the blades rotate at different speeds, and the measurement of power at each speed mixer can be used to characterize the rheological behavior of concrete. However, the obtained data will not allow concrete rheological parameters calculation of the basic unit.

Because the fluidity of concrete in the mixer concrete mixer is not linear, there is no equation can be used in such circumstances, measuring energy consumption at a speed that can be used to compare with the same preparation of concrete mixers, or monitoring the workability of concrete, and it is mixed.

For a given the composition of the mixture, if increases in power consumption, this is a sign that decrease the workability of concrete. Therefore, mixing soil mixer operator can determine the necessity of adding more water to achieve needed to processability. This method will avoid discharge mixers, the operability of the measurement, using the slump Cone in order to determine the amount of water, or determine the dose required to HRWRA, to obtain needed to processability of necessity, therefore, mixing energy is a very useful tool to determine the workability of the concrete produced by change.