Vertical Mill

Product Details

Vertical mill is an ideal large size grinding equipment which is widely used in the industry of cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metal ores, etc. It combines crushing, drying, grinding and classification into one machine and has high production efficiency. Vertical mill can grind the materials of massive, granular and pulverized raw materials to powder as requirements.

In recent years, with the significantly improved of milling technology of research and development, mill production enterprise of vertical mill technology in abroad has been mature gradually and vertical mill product technology advantage is also growing. In this situation, domestic vertical mill production enterprises adopt the successful production experience from abroad, take the technical revolution and produce the vertical products with relevant patent technology which are accepted by the domestic industries of cement, electric power and chemical gradually.

Technical features of vertical mill

1.Low production investment cost.

2.High production efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection.

3.Strong material drying function.

4.Easy to operate and maintenance.

5.Product quality is stable and easy to detect.

6.Small abrasion and high utilization rate.