Powder Packing Machine

Product Details


With numerous development in packing machinery, Daswell powder packing machine has many kinds, such as fixed cement packing machine, rotary fixed packing machine,micro powder packing machine. 

Daswell cement packing machine is the traditional product, which is researched and developed by our company, and is a new product in order to meet the market trend. It adopts traditional filling impeller with the best characters. It is deeply welcomed by cement factories. It is divided into fixed and rotary type.

Daswell micro powder packing machine uses variable taper screw to feed the material. This packing machine for powder adopts the advanced technology, such as screw extrusion technology. Daswell micro powder packing machine is widely used in packing micro powders, such as carbon black, micro talcum powder, Kaolin, precipitated silica, stabilizer, corn starch, bentonite, etc.


1. Small size and light weight, stably performance and easy operation and maintenance; 

2. Good sealing, reasonable structure and long service life;

3. Big volume, big silo, high pressure, and stability material level;

4. packing many kinds of powder and particle materials;

5. Low failure rate, less maintenance cost.