When you use a concrete mixer to be how to maintain

Concrete mixer in use after a period of time needed for routine maintenance, also referred to as per class maintenance, is done by operators at work before, in the course of work, and after work. Point of maintenance is to check the concrete mixer, and carry out the necessary cleaning and lubrication, check the point was to see if there are factors affecting concrete mixer, if any, to timely the amount excluded. As long as we maintained the following parts:

Pneumatic system: we want to ensure that concrete mixer pump crankcase keep oil level height within the limits prescribed. Each valve and cylinder must be sensitive, in the concrete mixer's effective pipeline leak and excuses not to appear, to repair the damaged areas.

Water system: water valve of the concrete mixer switch must be kept in good condition. If there is a failure to timely repair.

Drive system: we have to look at v-belt tensioning and concrete mixers the tightness of the chain, needs to remain within a normal range.

Mixing system: concrete mixer mixing vane, door panels and liners and the mixing arm parts above are complete, there is no damage, some words should be promptly replaced, if left inside of concrete mixers, we are to get out of.