The features and advantages of screw-type cement silo

Cement warehouse consists of Portland cement and screw-type cement silo two, in which the screw-type cement silo is also known as the spiral steel, mainly used in large cement manufacturers.

Characteristics of screw-type cement silo:

1. the overall good performance and long life: spiral undercut five times times the material thickness, greatly strengthening the resistance of silo capacity, service life and its stability and strength than other silo.

2. tightness good, wide usage: this special equipment for bending Jiao, excellent sealing properties, storing granular, powder, food to avoid outside influence of humidity on the material, and to meet the technological requirements such as pesticides, fumigation, and objects can also be used to store liquids.

Spiral steel silo technology advantages:

Advanced of West Germany tube warehouse built technology, built method unique, construction Shi, first will 495mm wide of volume Board by open machine into bent folding machine bent folding, and bite mouth, again through forming machine rolling made by needed of geometry shape, around tube warehouse outside side formed a article 30-40mm wide, and continuous around of spiral convex article, in structure Shang up to strengthening tube warehouse of role. Material of two different materials, silos construction equipment can also realize the double bend construction.

Silo construction, top floor mounting, without scaffolding and other ancillary facilities. Silo construction equipment to speed of 3-5 m/min for forming, bending, the projects very short. Silo construction equipment takes a truck to be shipped to the site, low transport costs. Silos made with thin, light weight, only with volume weight of cement silo reinforcement. Positions at relatively low cost.