Stabilized Soil Mixer

It adopts the  main twin shaft concrete mixer without the liner plate of small blades with a dense coverage and large

linear velocity so that the materials can be pushed in at the “boiling “state with a high productivity. The even mixing

and production process is continuous and stable without the need to exchange the liner plate. Moreover , it has a long lifespan and low maintenance cost.

Stabilizer soil mixer is mainly used for large civil engineering, such as airport, sea port, railway, road, square, building of 3:7 lime soil, 2:8 lime soil, 1:9 cement lime soil production.

It is a large mechanical equipment of backfill, can also be used for sand and soil, stone and soil screening, mixing.

Features of stabilizer soil mixer : 

Widely used for the construction of highway, airport, water conservancy and port projects.

Electronic measuring and volume measuring equipment are available.

Easy to upgrade the machine from volume measuring type to electronic measuring type.

It can precisely control the flow through frequency control. 

The modular consists of control cabin, electric control system and pneumatic control system.

The whole machine and system are automatically controlled by industrial PC. 

Manual and automatic control can be choice.