Mixing equipment industry state of the concrete mixing station

At present, many commercial concrete mixing station managers' sense of professional knowledge and quality consciousness, especially in the development  small and medium-sized city and regional. Even more prosperous area general concrete enterprise managers, understanding and view to the concrete industry and concrete products is not enough, equipment selection of professional configuration is not high, measuring instruments inaccurate, even don't stop any of the tests. The modern computer office tools do not view, and even the basic does not bear. The concrete production shall be regarded as in the traditional, complex, general building materials, simply the pursuit of profit maximization, not careful execution standard, fraud, shoddy, and ultimately lead to various types of engineering quality accident happens all the time. 

Concrete enterprise production, technology, quality, equipment and materials of various departments managers and commanders to continue to experience and continue to explore and accumulate experience, because of the concrete in the process of production and construction, due to the negligence of incurred in the production of concrete become waste, affecting the quality of the whole project. The influence of storage materials, equipment, sound level, quality and skills of technical personnel, weather changes, and the traffic state, field construction sites and construction conditions and reasonable command and transfer vehicle and human, to meet the needs of the project is commercial concrete mixing station management the ultimate expression of the cult of the management level.

The proportion design of commodity concrete superstition is the embodiment of the technical strength of concrete production enterprises. The operator should carry out the thought of serving for the next working procedure, and the proportion design should consider the difficulty of the construction site. So commodity concrete production enterprises should be based on the construction unit to reflect the problem carefully study the ratio design, through the test to find out the law, so that the ratio is more scientific and reasonable, to ensure that the construction is more successful.

The cultivation and improvement of the comprehensive quality of the employees and the field construction team is also very important. Concrete is timing, location, quantitative expression in a part of the project is continuation of continuous semi finished product, it is by dozens or even on a hundred natural, mechanical, man-made factors and links and resolution. Each link is the most important, all positions are the most critical, in this issue there is no primary and secondary points. Because the concrete production process is a continuation of the work, to complete the production of semi-finished products, but also after 1 to 2 months and even longer period of maintenance, in order to form the final product. So concrete production enterprise managers must take staff training as the most important task to catch and put it in the most important agenda of the first, to thoroughly maintain current profits, light management thought, as the basic guarantee for sustainable development of enterprises.

With the development of concrete industry, China has also led to the development of concrete facilities, concrete mixer, concrete mixing station, bulk cement silo.