Drum-type problems when used concrete mixer new

Drum concrete mixer in house construction, we have often seen, sometimes met with some people use in drum type concrete mixer during tumbling machines strongly beat with a sledgehammer, what feelings do you have for this phenomenon? Whether we use any kind of equipment you want to love, there are good only so that the device can perform to the best benefit. We'll introduce you to some new drum concrete mixer of some common questions:

Civilian-type concrete mixer drum concrete mixer, but how to use the drum concrete mixer, used concrete mixers also have a lot of requests for a long time.

Drum type concrete mixer essential lessons for a new use:

Drum type concrete mixer new machines must be carried out according to the specifications before use open drive test to ensure the functioning of all parts;

Drum type concrete mixer before each operation, you must check components for damage and found damage should be repaired in a timely manner.

Regularly check drum concrete mixer:

Check drum concrete mixer must cut off the power supply;

While working in a drum-type concrete mixer, no repair and maintenance;

To guarantee the cleaning of drum type concrete mixer, must be cleaned after each use, drum type concrete mixer, President of the service life of the machine;

Drum type concrete mixer machine is activated, the driver must concentrate, not allowed to leave.