Concrete mixer operation steps and points for attention

Concrete mixer operation steps:

1, switch the function on the column switch to "auto" position, press the start switch on the controller, run the program as a whole will control their own run.

Stop automatically after 2, the whole process has finished running, run projects such as midway shut down, you can press the stop button and then reboot.

3, press the Start button, the display began to display the time, slow sand, fast, stop, fast, on time and running lights flashing.

4, the automatic control mode, must be all manual functions switch to stop position.


1, detected by measuring gauge blade and pot wall shall be 3mm ± 2mm the space between, gap ultra poor, position adjustable blade up and down to reach the required range.

2, stirring after each use leaves, pots should be cleaned in time, electrical parts to avoid severe vibration, away from water and heat, pay attention to dust.

Know that Blender used in order to improve project efficiency.