Concrete mixer motor heat treatment method

Concrete mixers in the summer after running for some time part of the hoisting machine motor overheating, especially in high-power forced mixer, how to find out why compulsory concrete mixer winch motor overheating and excluded.

, Compulsory concrete mixer model

Main compulsory concrete mixer JS500 forced concrete mixer JS750-type mixer, JS1000, JS1500 concrete mixer forced mixer, JS2000 concrete mixer, concrete mixer JS3000 model. The mixer power, working long hours, continuous working, we need to control the system, a thermal reaction system will be warned, then we need to check stands.

Second, compulsory concrete mixer winch motor overheating due to

(1) the rail not parallel;

(2) motor brake Separation is too small;

(3) low voltage;

Above is the Blender motor overheat causes and treatment methods