BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

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The BHS twin-shaft batch mixer rapidly produces mixtures with consistently high levels of homogeneity. It is a well-proven, highly reliable solution for industrial mixing processes (especially mixing of minerals) with medium to high output requirements. The machine is a classic compulsory mixer.

Twin-shaft mixing technology is suitable for all formulas and offers a wide range of benefits. The mixing technique has a significant effect on the quality of the mixture and the economic efficiency of the production process.

The twin-shaft batch mixer moves the entire mixture in a three-dimensional spiral motion. There is also an intense exchange of materials in the turbulent zone where the two mixing cycles overlap. The energy applied is optimally converted into intense relative movements of the entire mixture. Thanks to the optimized design and arrangement of the mixing tools, you will achieve consistently outstanding mixture homogeneity batch by batch, with very short mixing cycles.


1.Outstanding mixture homogeneity in a short time

2.Maintenance-friendly and robust design

3.Comprehensive modular system

4.The three-dimensional mixing concept

5.Consistent high degree of mixture homogeneity with short mixing cycles

6.Optimal energy efficiency

7.Designed for low wear

8.Efficient concrete production