Concrete Pump

Product Details

Concrete pump is concrete delivery equipment, which is used to deliver concrete. DASWELL concrete pump is the S valve concrete pump. It is mainly composed of concrete pump body and delivery pipeline. DASWELL researched and developed our own concrete pump based on advanced technology. The capacity of our concrete pump is from 30~120m3/h. And according to the aggregate size, DASWELL concrete pump can be divided into fine stone concrete pump and large aggregate concrete pump. According to the engine, DASWELL concrete pump can be divided into electric concrete pump and diesel concrete pump.

DASWELL concrete pump can be applicable to various projects, like high building, bridge, tunnel, etc…


1. We adopt advanced S valve to change direction. And the outlet is with high pressure to make the concrete delivered to high building and long distance.

2. It adopts the overall hydraulic commutation system. So, it is with advantage of low impact when changing direction, low noise and it can prolong the service life of hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve.

3. It is with centralized lubricating system and adopts progressive distributor to supply oil for every lubricant point. And you can set the oiling time. So, the oil quantity is accurate and can also save oil.

4. It is with the anti-pumping function to decrease the pipeline block when working.

5. The components are mostly famous brand, like diesel engine is original VOLVO and LOVOL, sealing components are America Parker, PLC is with SCHNEIDER electrical components, etc…

6. It is with advanced air cooling system to ensure the concrete pump can work well even under a high temperature.