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As a custom-made type of TU screw conveyor ES screw conveyor is made of carbon steel material. Its surface is fine processed and powder coated. ES screw conveyor is consist of a tubular tank which has at least one discharging hole and one feeding hole; the flanges on both ends of tubular tank; the screw blades welded on the central tube; joint bushings on both ends of central tube; two end bearings (one of them is connected with driver) which contain self-regulation enclosed unit; hanging bearing whose number is depend on the overall length of screw conveyor. Besides to satisfy users’ demand CAO tubular screw conveyor is equipped with motor and gear box. ES screw conveyor is medium loading type machinery.


1. Powder coated surface.

2. 7 kinds of standard calibers.

3. There are welded end flanges feeding hole and discharging hole on the surface of tube. The observing port is under feeding hole and hanging bearing.

4. Equipped with high-quality hanging bearing and tail bearing.

5. The screw blades are welded on the central tube.

6. Easy to install.