Recycle Asphalt Mixing Plant

Product Details

Recycle asphalt mixing plant can take recycle use of asphalt pavement, which can save large amount of raw materials such as asphalt, sand and gravel, meanwhile it is advantageous to process waste materials to protect the environment. Recycle asphalt mixing plant can make the old asphalt mixture recycled, heated, crushed, screened, and mix them into new with mixture again with the regenerative agent, new asphalt, new aggregate according to certain proportion and then be rerouted to the road.


1. With 26 years experience in designing and manufacturing asphalt mixing plant.

2. 100% three-dimensional CAD of product design, virtual assembly and product optimization.

3. Take the top asphalt mixing plant of Europe and the United States for sightcing to make DASWELL Brand.

4. Professional manufacturing experience.

5. Professional service experience.

6. Reliable performance and reasonable parameter. 

7. Modular structure design, easy to move and install.

8. The control unit uses PC/PLC system.